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Shanghai Britech Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a special manufacturer & exporter of energy saving bulbs, LED lamps ,provides service of R&D, assembling, overseas sales. All of our goods exported to Europe, Middle East ,Southeast Asia, South America and Africa, etc. Since 2008,we have been focusing on studying and developing T2 series (half spiral,full spiral,lotus etc) of energy saving lamps, which is characterized as higher lumens and smaller sizes comparing with traditional energy saving lamps. The main power for T2 half spirals covers from 5W to 25W. We can guarantee 10000hours with official certificates for the relative markets. Equipped with light source lab, Electronic Lab and Electric light source testing section, the R&D has an elite team whose members are well experienced and highly skilled in their field, ensuring a guarantee for quality control and cooperate strength improvement which has always been an essential part the company focuses on.Britech has introduced first level quality inspecting and aging testing equipment and practiced strict quality policy in all production steps from the purchase of raw material to products leaving warehouse.We have got Energy Star 10000 hours,UL,for America, CE/EMC/GS certificates per RoHS Standard for European market.
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Main Products
    1. T2 Energy Saving Lamp
      Britech compact fluorescent lamp can be used as residential lighting, industrial light or commercial light in houses, ...
    1. T3/T4 Energy Saving Lamp
      Our CFL lamps are suitable to be used for office and industrial lighting, residential ...
    1. Compact Fluorescent Lamp
      Britech PL/PLC energy saving lamps are widely used as illumination light source of interior illumination lamps and ...
    1. Halogen Lamp
      Britech Tungsten halogen lamp can not only be used as residential lighting, but also can be adopted as industrial ...
    1. LED Light Bulb
      LED lamp is a kind of popular commercial light. It can also be used as residential lighting, industrial light ...

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